LocalLabs Media Services

Your resource for customized content solutions in print and online.

In this challenging media landscape, we can save you money, show you how to stretch your budget and expand local editorial coverage. The result? Engaged readers who attract more advertising dollars.

We can show you how to create new revenue-generating advertorial products that serve all your customers: readers and advertisers.

We provide original local news and information that readers value

The kind that keeps them in touch with their neighbors and their community

That lets you better leverage your reporting and photography resources

To shine in your market

And keep your business healthy and growing

We are journalists with decades of experience at media outlets. Our team includes accomplished, award-winning writers, editors and page designers who deliver reliable news reports, features and data – on time and according to your specifications.

Our mission at LocalLabs is to help local media outlets like you maintain a robust community presence by providing cost-effective, customized solutions to the current revenue challenges you face.

Like you, we believe local journalism sustains the health of our communities by engaging its businesses and citizenry.

Local is the winning strategy. That’s why we call ourselves LocalLabs.

First, what we do is always uniquely local. Your readers will see themselves, their neighbors, schools and local institutions in our coverage.

We use technology to more efficiently gather and produce commodity news, community calendars and briefs, for example, so that you can aim your editors, reporters and photographers at the stories most important to you.

We produce engaging features about local newsmakers and community events. And we can give you the weekly preps sports coverage your readers demand at a price you can afford.

We generate content for dailies, weeklies, monthly magazines and special inserts.

We can provide content for you online by feeding your existing Website or we can create and maintain an engaging new Website for you.

The same is true for print: We can provide stories and photographs that you can place on your pages, or we can deliver press-ready paginated pages according to your specifications.

On the advertorial side, our experienced team can help you create niche publications to attract industry-specific advertisers in real estate, jobs, auto, health, education, travel and leisure and special holiday guides.

Our LocalLabs team draws on its deep experience in working with media outlets across the country to develop solutions that address your unique and local needs.

Reach out and introduce yourself.

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